What it is for

Text answer allows you to create a question that requires a text-like answer to end-user

How to use it

It can be filled two fields:

  1. Field “ Question” ( it is the main field that end-user have to answer to, it is mandatory)
  2. Field “Description” ( it allows you to address your end-users with a more detailed question)
  3. Below “Description” you will find a “Preview” of the selected field (you will see a read-only field that will give you a preview of what is going to be shown on Frontend)


Through “Text answer” menu you can manage

  1. Required: you can make that question as a mandatory one.
  2. Image upload: it allows you attach/delete a question-related .jpeg/.png file
  3. Test area: to be filled by end-user with a long text
  4. Date field: a drop down calendar will show up
  5. Number
  6. E-mail
  7. Text

Once you have created and settled “Text answer” questions as above explained, a layout page as shown below will be displayed to your end-users:


Example of data field in front-end with calendar

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