With perfect Survey WordPress Plug-in it is possible to download the data collected through the appropriate CSV download area. Perfect Survey collects data and saves it in the database. To download the data in csv format follow the following steps:


  1. In the Admin panel, Go in All survey > Statistics page
  2. Click the dataset title of your survey
  3. Once opened on the right side you will find three blocks:
    1. View this survey
    2. Download area
    3. Reset all data

View this survey

It is the link that refers to the modification of the survey

Download area

It is the button used to download the data set you are viewing, in this case all. There is the possibility to view and download data relating to a single user. The data is also collected by individual user, if registered, or by single session. Just click on the “View this survey” link next to the user you want to analyze.

When you click on “View this survey” link, the system filter all data for selected user. At this point, by clicking on the same button, you can download the data concerning only the selected user


Reset all data

This button is used to delete all the collected data of the survey you are viewing. The operation will not be reversible and the data will be lost forever.

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