What it is for

The function enable you to create questions with multiple-choices answer and end-user can answer from one to all the proposal options

How to use it:

It can be filled three fields:

  1. Field “ Question” ( it is the main field that end-user have to answer to, it is mandatory)
  2. Field “Description” ( it allows you to address your end-users with a more detailed question)
  3. Field “Answer” ( answer end-user can select amongst options you provided)

You can add virtually endless answer through “Add answer” button. You can freely manage each added answer, either choosing the sorting order or even deleting it.


Through “Multiple choice” menu you can manage

  1. Required: you can make that question as a mandatory one.
  2. Image upload: ( it allows you attach/delete a question-related .jpeg/.png file)

Note: above points are options common to all questions.

Answer layout:

  1. per column
  2. per row
  3. select field

Once you have created and settled “Multiple choice” questions as above explained, a layout page as shown below will be displayed to your end-users:

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