Customers are the heart
of your business. Listen to them.

Thanks to Perfect Survey, you can learn more about
what your customers think about your products or services.

Customer Satisfaction?
Discover everything with Perfect Survey.

Get to know your customers better to make the right decisions.

Simple, fast, easy.

Customer Satisfaction?

Get real-time feedback to improve products, services, and business overall.


With Perfectsurvey, you can create exercises or tests for education. With detailed statistics.

Market Research

Keep track of industry and market trends to stay ahead of the competition.


Understand how to retain the best talent and build employee satisfaction.

Surveys? More simple than ever.

With Perfect Survey plugin for WordPress you can create unlimited surveys
on your website and you can know what people have about you thanks to the built-in advanced statistics.

perfect survey wordpress plugin Create your group of questions

Create your group of questions.

Thanks to the advanced questions editor with more than 15 different types of answers, creating your own survey is a simple, fast and easy. Give it a personalized style to make it more appealing.

perfect survey wordpress plugin Post your new survey

Post your new survey.

To publish your survey and start just copy and paste the shortcode on your page, article or widget to start collecting data. You will be happy with simplicity

perfect survey wordpress plugin Collect and analyze statistics

Collect and analyze statistics

The integrated statistics system will allow you to do an in-depth analysis of the answers given by your customers or visitors. Thanks to the tables and charts, it will be easy to understand.

Type of custom question fields

Single choice

Useful for creating a series of answers that allow only one selection.

Multiple choice

Similar to Single choice but accept multiple selections.

Text answer

Allows you to create fields like text area, date field, number, email, text.

Custom text

Explanations between the questions, Custom text are wysiwyg ready.


A field that crosses two different inputs, used for evaluations


If you need a rating scale this is the right field, choose from a myriad of icons

Multiple rating

It is the same as Rating but allows you to create a multiple Rating field with custom icons

Images choice

Used to create an image selection field, you can choose between multiple or single selection

Low cost for all the surveys you want.

Less than what you would pay per month for survey subscription services.

Easy and fast

Thanks to the speed of the plugin, it will be possible to use it as soon as it is installed.

The plugin does not provide any preliminary configuration, it is immediately ready to be used. Install, Create, Collect your customer’s data. It is a powerful tool and allows you to make the right decisions at any time.

Perfect Survey, you can use it for: market surveys, understand the satisfaction of your customers for products, services, understand what you like and what is not the best way to improve your business.

Graphic editor for each survey.
Copy, drag, edit, delete. Manage questions in a simple and intuitive way. As easy as drinking a glass of water.

The surveys created is fully compatible with mobile integration.

Most users now navigate via smartphone for this Perfect Survey is responsive to be easily used even by users who are always on the move.